The Freddie and Sheila Show Intro

Thanks for introducing us at your show/event!   We’ve made this easy for you and gathered the most pertinent info on us.  Use all of it, ad lib any additional info or shorten it up if you like. In Canada we go by ‘Freddie and Sheila Pelletier’. Pelletier is pronounced ‘Pelshay’ with the emphasis on ‘Pel’. In the USA we go by ‘Freddie and Sheila’ or ‘The Freddie and Sheila Show’. Here’s the info you can use:

Freddie and Sheila have been performing together for over 20 years. Freddie has played music professionally since 1969, played guitar for numerous country singers including Ferlin Husky and toured extensively with singer-songwriter, IanTyson.   

In 2016, Freddie received the Legends and Legacy award presented by the SK Country Music Assoc.

After 12 years operating the Pelletier Guitar and Music Camp, Freddie and Sheila retired from this in 2013.  

They have spent over a decade performing in Texas, Arizona, and California for winter visitors in RV and Golf Resorts. Please welcome Freddie and Sheila.