Freddie and Sheila Pelletier....

This show features world class guitar picking and fantastic singing.  Their presentation is fun and humorous and their years of experience keeps it exciting and engaging!

Freddie, on lead acoustic and electric guitar and vocals emulates the work of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and others playing classic country, bluegrass, 60's rock and much more.  He is truly an extraordinary guitar instrumentalist.     Sheila, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, sings a mix of classic country, folk, 60's and 70's rock and yodels.  They also do an array of original material, humorous songs and Freddie clogs while playing the guitar.

They have spent over a decade touring the sunny southern USA performing in Texas, Arizona and California in the winter months.  When they’re home they perform in a concert style setting across western Canada for any occasion from community theatres, arts councils, festivals to fundraisers and  private events.

Contact them by email or call  306-749-2498.  They'd love to perform in your community!

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